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How to Perfect Women’s St. Patrick’s Day Outfits: A Comprehensive Guide

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As the festive charm of St. Patrick’s Day looms around the corner, the excitement of donning the perfect outfit to flaunt your Irish spirit is palpable.

This celebration, steeped in rich Irish heritage, is no longer just about wearing green, but about incorporating it stylishly.

So, whether you’re headed to the office or a local Irish bar, join us on this sartorial journey to understand St. Patrick’s Day fashion and help you assemble the perfect St. Patrick’s Day outfit!

Understanding St. Patrick's Day Fashion


Over time, the significance of St. Patrick’s Day has shifted from being mainly a religious observance to a universal celebration of Irish heritage. This includes donning vibrant green outfits on St. Patrick’s Day, channeling the spirit of Ireland, and potentially having a night out at your local Irish pub. Central to this evolution has been the incorporation of the color green, integral not only to St. Patrick’s Day outfits but also to the Irish spirit itself.

Historical Shades of Green

The color green, though now firmly established as the hue of St. Patrick’s Day, originated from Irish political history. In the 1790s, the Society of United Irishmen adopted this color as an emblem of their nonsectarian, republican ideals.

This political symbolism was carried over the Atlantic in the 19th century, when numerous Irish immigrants swarmed the United States in search of better job prospects, many displaying their Irish spirit through Patrick’s Day outfits. As they brought along their traditions, the color green became an integral part of St. Patrick’s Day outfits in their new homeland.

In a fascinating twist, blue was the original color associated with St. Patrick’s Day, but green took precedence in the 18th century after the shamrock became Ireland’s national symbol. The three leaves of the shamrock, apart from representing the Holy Trinity, also carry a deeper symbolism. The green stripe in the Irish flag signifies the Catholics of Ireland, and the white symbolizes peace among diverse religions. Over time, wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day came to embody the celebration of Irish cultural and religious heritage.

Evolution of St. Patrick's Day Outfits

Irish immigrants didn’t just bring the tradition of wearing green; they also incorporated elements of traditional Irish clothing into their St. Patrick’s Day outfits. From Aran sweaters to kilts, these garments added an authentic Irish touch to the occasion.

As the holiday gained popularity and moved further from its religious origins, the fashion evolved. Today, St. Patrick’s Day fashion includes everything from green shirts, dresses, pants, and hats to green accessories like beads and shamrock-shaped glasses.

A modern twist on St. Patrick’s Day outfits has seen the introduction of green glitter beards and green hair extensions.

Creating Your St. Patrick's Day Outfit

When dressing for St. Patrick’s Day, the key is to incorporate green stylishly. Here are some ideas:

  • The Classic Green: Green shirts, dresses, skirts, or pants are a popular choice. Opting for a bright green sweater paired with jeans provides an effortlessly casual look, perfect for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

  • Accessorize: If going all out in green is not your style, opt for green accessories like jewelry, hats, scarves, or shoes. This can add a subtle touch of celebration to your outfit.

  • Statement Tees: Graphic tees with St. Patrick’s Day sayings or images can be a fun way to express your Irish spirit.

  • Office-Ready Outfits: For an office-appropriate St. Patrick’s Day outfit, consider a green blouse paired with high-waisted, wide-leg black pants.

  • Festive Top: A top with ruched sleeves and a subtle green pattern is a perfect choice for a more festive look.

  • Dress Up for the Occasion: Wearing a bright green dress can offer the perfect St. Patrick’s Day style, reflecting the holiday’s vibrant spirit.

Starting with the Basics

Before diving headfirst into the sea of green apparel for St. Patrick’s Day, it’s essential to start with the basics. This year, the trend seems to be focused on a few key pieces:

  1. Graphic Sweatshirts: These popular items are making a big splash in 2023. Choosing an olive-green option is a great way to subtly showcase your Irish spirit.

  2. Green Dresses: A stylish choice for any St. Patrick’s Day celebration, green dresses come in various shades and styles to suit your preference.

  3. Luxury Designer Outfits: For those wanting to go all out, luxury designer dresses, jewelry, hats, and bags in the holiday color can make an eye-catching statement.

  4. Festive Tops: Tops with unique details like ruched sleeves and subtle green patterns are not only fashionable but also versatile.

These are just some trendy basics that can serve as a solid foundation for your St. Patrick’s Day outfits.

Adding Layers for Style and Comfort

Whether you’re putting together a casual St. Patrick’s Day outfit for your local Irish bar or dressing up for a fancier event, layering is a splendid way to bring both comfort and style to your ensemble. Here are some stylish layering pieces perfect for St. Patrick’s Day 2023:

  1. Graphic Sweatshirts: An olive green graphic sweatshirt can be a trendy layering piece. No matter if you’re planning an all-out Paddy’s Day extravaganza or a low-key event, these are your go-to options.

  2. Tank Tops: A lighter layer, such as a green tank top, can be a stylish and cool option. You could even go for playful sayings or designs related to St. Patrick’s Day for a fun twist.

  3. Green Dresses: Layer your green dress with a cardigan or jacket for added warmth and style. This piece offers a festive yet elegant look.

  4. Classic Green Tie: Pair it with a dress shirt and blazer for a polished ensemble, perfect for a more formal St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

  5. Olive Green Crewneck: For a casual yet stylish look, pair an olive green crewneck sweater or sweatshirt with jeans or leggings.

  6. Accessories: Layering doesn’t stop at clothing. Add a green scarf, hat, or statement jewelry to your outfit to express your St. Patrick’s Day spirit.

Layering allows you to adjust your outfit based on weather and occasion, offering flexibility while celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in style.

Choosing the Right Footwear

Footwear is an essential part of your St. Patrick’s Day outfit. The right shoes can complete your outfit, adding a pop of color and defining the formality of your look. Here are some footwear options trending for St. Patrick’s Day, 2023:

  1. Nike St. Patrick’s Day Sneakers: A festive and comfortable option that pairs well with a more casual look.

  2. Chunky Boots: Pair these with straight leg jeans and a green sweatshirt for a chic yet comfortable outfit.

  3. Saucony St. Patrick’s Day Shoes: Saucony offers St. Patrick’s Day-themed shoes, an excellent choice for those looking to fully embrace the holiday theme.

Accessorizing Your St. Patrick's Day Outfit

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No outfit is complete without the right accessories. Here’s how you can accessorize your St. Patrick’s Day outfit:

  1. Jewelry: Green earrings, necklaces, or bracelets can subtly incorporate the color of the holiday.

  2. Hats: A green hat, especially one with shamrocks or other St. Patrick’s Day designs, can be a fun and festive accessory.

  3. Shoes: As mentioned before, green shoes can add a pop of color and style to your look.

  4. Layering Pieces: Green scarves, hats, and jackets can add texture and dimension to your outfit.

  5. Graphic Tees: Graphic tees with St. Patrick’s Day sayings or images can add a playful spirit to your outfit.

  6. Bags: A green bag, whether with subtle accents or bold designs, can be a stylish accessory for St. Patrick’s Day.

Jewelry and Accessories

One of the best ways to display your festive spirit on St. Patrick’s Day is through wearing thematic jewelry and accessories. Based on the 2023 trends, there are several popular accessories to make your outfit shine.

Wearing green clothing such as sweaters, tops, dresses, and even hats is a staple for this celebration. However, adding some fun elements like shamrock-shaped accessories, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and pins, can help you feel more in tune with the Irish heritage.

Another way to embody the spirit of the holiday is through playful headbands and eyeglasses, or even cheeky mustaches and bow ties in various shades of green. For a unique twist, consider sourcing custom and handmade accessories from sites like Etsy, offering distinct and personalized St. Patrick’s Day pieces.

A green necklace, particularly those with shamrock or Celtic knot designs, could be a great option to give your outfit a stylish touch. Remember, every accessory plays a role in completing your St. Patrick’s Day outfit, adding color, a festive vibe, and personal style.

The Role of Makeup: Bold, Green, and Fun

Makeup is another essential aspect of your St. Patrick’s Day celebration. One of the biggest makeup trends in 2023 for this holiday is using green eyeshadow. A hint of this color, be it a soft green sparkle or a bold emerald, can add a unique twist to your Patrick’s Day attire.

For the bold at heart, green lipstick stands as a hot pick, lending a striking and fun element to your look. For a more laid-back vibe, try matching a peach-toned lipstick with mint-green eyeshadow – a casual combo perfect for a day at the local Irish pub or a chill hangout with friends.

But don’t stop there. Spice up your makeup with some green eyelashes. These provide a unique and fun addition to your St. Patrick’s Day makeup, adding to your outfit’s overall theme.

The Final Touch: Green Nails for St. Patrick's Day

A complete St. Patrick’s Day outfit isn’t just about what you wear. It’s about the finer details, too. For instance, the right nail polish can add the perfect touch to your celebration outfit. This year, popular shades range from light emerald to olive green, deep emerald, mint green, and sage green. Each color offers something unique, from a pop of brightness with light emerald to a more calming and sophisticated vibe with sage green.

When it comes to nail art designs, it’s all about expressing the holiday’s festive essence. Shamrock nails, rainbow nails, clover nails, green ombre nails, and leprechaun nails are all eye-catching choices that you could opt for to round out your St. Patrick’s Day look.

St Patricks Day Outfits for Different Events

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The type of St. Patrick’s Day event you attend can greatly influence your outfit choice. Whether it’s a festive parade, a lively party, or a casual gathering, there’s a suitable St. Patrick’s Day outfit for all situations.

Attending a St. Patrick’s Day parade? A green graphic tee, denim shorts, and white sneakers could be your go-to for a relaxed yet festive outfit. Or you might opt for a green plaid button-up shirt, khaki pants, and white sneakers to embrace a St. Patrick’s Day outfit that’s low-key but still festive.

If you’re attending a St. Patrick’s Day party, you might want to dress up a little more. An emerald green sweater with black leggings or a green bandage hook and eye structured corset paired with a sage green cargo sleeveless zip-through shift dress could be perfect.

For a casual St. Patrick’s Day outfit, a green sweatshirt, straight-leg jeans, and chunky boots offer both comfort and holiday spirit. Or, if you prefer a more dressed-up casual look, consider a sage green one-sleeve ruched woven bodycon dress paired with black block heel sandals.

No matter the event, don’t forget to accessorize. Shamrock-shaped earrings, necklaces, pins, green scarves, hats, and statement jewelry can all elevate your outfit, bringing the luck of the Irish to your St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

Remember, the best St. Patrick’s Day outfits are not just about dressing in green, but about embracing the holiday’s festive spirit and Irish heritage. Whether you’re going all out or prefer a more subtle approach, there are endless ways to showcase your St. Patrick’s Day spirit this year.


Fashion for St. Patrick’s Day is a celebration of Irish heritage and a testament to the holiday’s evolution. From a symbol of political significance to a modern-day celebration of all things Irish, the color green has indeed made a mark.

Whether you’re going all out with a bright green dress or subtly incorporating the festive hue in your accessories, remember, it’s all about embodying the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day.

Go ahead, bask in the parade festivities, dance until the moon is high, and make sure your St. Patrick’s Day outfit showcases your Irish spirit, quite literally!

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