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10 Rent Clothes Services to Refresh Your Wardrobe

Trendy woman browsing through her wardrobe, contemplating which rent clothes options to choose or wear, showcasing a variety of fashionable selections.

Ready to rent clothes and revamp your wardrobe without breaking the bank or sacrificing style?

Look no further!

As more women prioritize sustainable fashion, clothing rental services are emerging as the ideal way to update wardrobes in an eco-friendly way and help you save money.

Need help finding the perfect clothing rental service? Our roundup of the top 10 options has got you covered.

From formal and cocktail dresses to personal styling assistance, kids’ clothing, plus-size options, luxury items, building an online wardrobe, independent luxury closet sharing, budget-friendly rentals, and athleisure wear, get ready to discover a whole new world of sustainable fashion!

Our Top Picks for Best Clothing Rental Services

Best Overall: Rent the Runway

Best Curation: Armoire

Best for Kids: Rainey's Closet

Best for Plus-Size Clothing: Gwynnie Bee

Best for Luxury: Vince Unfold

Best for Women in Sizes 10 to 24: Fashion to Figure Closet

Best for Building an Online Closet: New York and Company

Best for Independent Luxury Closet Sharing: Tulerie

Best for Budget-Friendly Rentals: Nuuly

Best Overall: Rent the Runway

Screenshot snippet of the Rent the Runway website, featuring rent clothes options and their clothing rental service for fashionable and trendy outfits.

Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway is a clothing subscription service that offers designer dresses and accessories for special events and everyday wear.

With an extensive range of styles, sizes, and designers, Rent the Runway has options to suit a variety of tastes and needs.

From showstopping gowns to chic night-out outfits, Rent the Runway has got you covered for any occasion.


  • Wide Selection: You can browse through a variety of styles, sizes, and designers at these urban outfitters, ensuring that you find something that matches your fashion preferences and budget.

  • Delivery: There is no hassle as far as shopping around for hours of your day or having to go pick up your clothing. This clothing rental service is delivered to your door!

  • Cost-Effective: Renting a dress or outfit for a reduced price can be a budget-friendly alternative to purchasing, especially if it’s for a singular event.

  • Sustainable: Renting out clothes is a more sustainable option than buying new clothes, as it helps extend the lifespan of clothing and reduces waste.


  • Limited Availability: Popular styles and sizes can book up quickly, so be sure to plan ahead.

  • Shipping: When scheduling delivery and returns, keep in mind that shipping may take several days.

  • Quality: Some customers have reported receiving items that are damaged or not in the best condition.

Service Costs: Rent the Runway’s monthly subscription starts at $69 and includes access to four designer items each month. Additional shipping and handling fees may apply and vary by rental type and location.

Return Process and Restrictions: Rent the Runway offers a simple return process by dropping off items in a prepaid shipping bag at FedEx or scheduling a pickup. However, rental limits and time restrictions may apply.

Availability of Service: Rent the Runway delivers in the US and Canada, with varying delivery times. It is recommended to plan ahead to allow enough time for delivery and returns. Additional shipping fees or delivery restrictions may apply for remote areas or locations outside the US and Canada.

Best Curation: Armoire

Screenshot snippet of the Armoire website, showcasing their chic clothing rental service and a curated selection of fashionable garments for various occasions.


Armoire is a clothing rental service that provides women with access to a wide range of fashionable clothing and accessories at a discounted price.

Best for customers who are looking for clothing rentals with personal styling assistance to help them choose the perfect outfits.

Armoire’s emphasis on personal styling sets it apart from other clothing rental services, providing customers with a unique and convenient way to update their fashion choices.


  • Personal Styling Assistance: Armoire provides customers with a personal stylist who helps them select the perfect outfits based on their preferences, style, and body type. Most clothing rentals with this treatment ensure that customers always receive clothes that are both stylish and flattering.

  • Convenient: With Armoire, customers can have outfits delivered directly to their door in designer bags, making it easy and convenient to stay stylish without having to leave their homes.

  • Affordable: Armoire offers an affordable runway-styles alternative to buying new clothes, allowing customers to refresh their wardrobes without breaking the bank.


  1. Limited Selection: While Armoire offers a wide range of clothing and accessories, the selection may not be as extensive as other clothing rental services.

  2. Shipping: Shipping times may vary, which can be frustrating for customers who need their outfits delivered quickly.

Service Costs: Armoire has three membership plans starting at $69, which provides access to four items. Membership includes shipping, handling, and dry cleaning. If you choose to keep an item, you’ll be charged the retail price with a discount.

Return Process and Restrictions: Armoire allows unlimited returns with no rental item restrictions. If you’re no longer interested in using Armoire’s rental service, don’t forget to cancel your subscription.

Availability of Service: Armoire serves customers in the US, except Alaska and Hawaii, with varying delivery times. Typically, items arrive within 2-3 business days, and customers can schedule delivery at their convenience.

Best for Kids: Rainey's Closet

Screenshot snippet of the Rainey's Closet website, displaying their stylish clothing rental service with a diverse range of fashionable garments for different events and occasions.

Rainey’s Closet

Rainey’s Closet is the best clothing rental services that specialize in providing high-quality kid’s clothing for all ages.

Rainey’s Closet is best for parents and caregivers who are looking for online shopping, providing convenient and budget-friendly options for their kids’ clothing needs.

With designer clothes with a wide range of styles, sizes, and brands, Rainey’s Closet has something for every child without spending so much money.

Whether you’re looking to rent clothes for everyday wear, special occasion attire, or seasonal gear, Rainey’s Closet has you covered.


  • Allows you to rent designer items with various styles, sizes, and brands for kids of all ages

  • Clothing of high quality that are kept in great condition

  • Convenient and easy-to-use online platform as an everyday wardrobe

  • Budget-friendly option compared to purchasing new clothing with fashion freedom


  • Limited selection compared to other clothing rental services

  • Shipping and handling fees may apply

  • Availability of specific items may vary

Service Costs: Rainey’s Closet offers a monthly subscription with varying costs based on the number of items selected. For example, 4 items/month cost $89, while 8 items/month cost $139. Be aware that there may be supplementary expenses for shipping and handling.

Return Process and Restrictions: Rainey’s Closet offers a hassle-free return process with a provided prepaid shipping label. No rental item limits, but multiple items may result in longer wait times for new arrivals.

Availability of Service: Rainey’s Closet operates in the US and Canada with 2-4 business day delivery and return times. Longer delivery times may apply for remote areas. Plan rental schedules accordingly.

Best for Plus-Size Clothing: Gwynnie Bee

Screenshot snippet of the Gwynnie Bee website, featuring their fashionable clothing rental service, offering a variety of trendy and inclusive garments for diverse styles and sizes.

Gwynnie Bee

Gwynnie Bee is a clothing subscription service that caters specifically to plus-size women.

Gwynnie is the best clothing rental services for plus-size women who are looking for a convenient way to add a personal style to their wardrobes at a discounted price.

With a wide range of clothing options from top brands, Gwynnie provides a hassle-free and convenient solution for plus-size women to refresh their wardrobes without requiring a shopping trip.

From workwear to casual wear, Gwynnie Bee offers a variety of styles and new brands to fit every occasion and body type.


  • Wide range of plus-size options: Gwynnie Bee offers a variety of plus-size garment options from top brands, making it easy for plus-size women to find the perfect outfit for a virtual closet.

  • Convenient: With a monthly membership, Gwynnie Bee’s service takes the hassle out of shopping for plus-size clothes. Customers can easily rent directly from the website and receive new outfits without ever leaving their homes.

  • Affordable: Compared to the cost of buying new outfits, the service provides a more cost-effective way to refresh their wardrobes.


  • Limited selection: While Gwynnie Bee offers a wide range of plus-size clothing options, the selection may be limited compared to other clothing rental services.

  • Subscription required: To use Gwynnie Bee, customers must sign up for a monthly subscription, which may not be ideal for those who only want to rent clothing for a specific occasion.

Service Costs: Gwynnie Bee’s monthly subscription starts at $59, with the option to upgrade for a larger selection. There are no handling fees, and shipping fees.

Return Process and Restrictions: Gwynnie Bee provides prepaid shipping labels for easy returns, with no rental item restrictions or time limits.

Availability of Service: Gwynnie Bee is available throughout the United States, and shipping times vary based on your location. The delivery timeframe typically falls within 2-5 business days.

Best for Luxury: Vince Unfold

Screenshot snippet of the Vince Unfold website, highlighting their sophisticated clothing rental service, presenting an array of elegant and contemporary garments for various tastes and occasions.

Vince Unfold

Vince Unfold has been offering a wide range of new styles of designer clothing for over a year.

For those seeking convenience, Vince Unfold’s service offers a comprehensive solution for updating their wardrobe with the latest in high-end fashion.

Vince Unfold is committed to providing eco-friendly, affordable high-end fashion.

Vince Unfold offers retail value, making it a popular choice for those who are looking to make a statement with their fashion choices.


  • Focuses on sustainability and affordability for people

  • Wide range of designer clothing available

  • Allows customers to rent immediately after passing the style quiz


Can be expensive, making it less accessible for those on a tight budget

Service Costs: Vince Unfold’s monthly subscription fee varies by plan, starting at $160 per month with unlimited selection. Higher-tier plans offer more rental items. Subscription includes shipping, dry cleaning, and maintenance.

Return Process and Restrictions: Vince Unfold allows flexible returns with rental item restrictions based on the selected subscription plan.

Availability of Service: Vince Unfold is currently only available in the United States and has limited delivery times, with orders typically delivered within 2-5 business days. Customers must have a valid U.S. shipping address to use the service.

Best for Women in Sizes 10 to 24: Fashion to Figure Closet

Screenshot snippet of the Fashion to Figure Closet website, showcasing their trendy clothing rental service, offering an inclusive selection of stylish and size-inclusive garments for a variety of occasions.

Fashion to Figure Closet

Fashion to Figure Closet offers a monthly subscription service that caters specifically to women in sizes 10 to 24.

This service provides a unique and innovative approach to refreshing your wardrobe, with an emphasis on affordability and style.


  • Focuses on affordability and style for special occasions

  • Wide range of clothing options, including a work wardrobe

  • An excellent choice for women in sizes 10 to 24 who are looking for new trends.


Only caters to women in sizes 10 to 24, which may limit accessibility for those looking for a wider range of sizes

Service Costs: Fashion to Figure offers membership options, starting with a monthly subscription service offering either the most popular or the best value selections. These subscriptions give you access to a curated selection of clothing.

Return Process and Restrictions: Fashion to Figure has a simple and easy return process. The return policy allows for free returns on any items deemed unsatisfactory within 10 days of receipt. The company does not impose any limitations on returns, but it does suggest its customers minimize them for the service’s sustainability.

Availability of Service: Fashion to Figure is available in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. This brand aims to deliver your items within 3-5 business days, but the delivery time may differ based on your location.

Best for Building an Online Closet: New York and Company Closet

Screenshot snippet of the New York and Company website, featuring their fashionable clothing rental service, providing a wide range of chic and contemporary garments perfect for various events and personal styles.

New York and Company

New York and Company offers a monthly subscription that allows you to build an online closet filled with your favorite styles.

Best for those who are looking for a convenient and easy way to build an online wardrobe filled with their favorite styles to grace any big event.

With a focus on convenience and affordability, this clothing rental service offers a creative and exceptional solution for those in need of a wardrobe refresh.

The ability to build a full spectrum online shopping wardrobe and easily browse through your options ensures that you have the latest styles at your fingertips.


  • Convenient online wardrobe-building feature

  • Affordable rental options delivered to your door

  • Wide range of clothing options available in different brands

  • You may own the outfits with a discounted price, about 50% off retail value


  • Limited availability in certain areas

  • Clothing options may not be as up-to-date as other rental services

Service Costs: New York and Company offers two membership plans, comprising the most popular or the best value. Payments depend on the plan you choose. Shipping is included in the subscription fee and there are no additional handling fees.

Return Process and Restrictions: Customers can use the provided prepaid shipping label to return items, with no rental item limits. Rental item quantity can vary, including four items or more.

Availability of Service: New York and Company is available to customers in the United States, and delivery times vary based on location. The service ships to all 50 states, including Hawaii and Alaska.

Best for Independent Luxury Closet Sharing: Tulerie

Screenshot snippet of the Tulerie website, displaying their upscale clothing rental service, offering a curated collection of luxurious and fashionable garments for diverse tastes and special occasions.


Tulerie is a clothing rental service that offers an independent luxury closet-sharing platform.

Tulerie is best for those who are looking for a unique and sustainable way to refresh their everyday wardrobe and live freely.

This shop allows users to rent out their own designer clothing, creating a unique and sustainable way to refresh their wardrobe for the next box.

With a focus on luxury and sustainability, Tulerie is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a new and innovative way to wear fashionable clothes.


  • Unique and sustainable solution for refreshing wardrobe with over four items

  • Focus on luxury and sustainability in every new box

  • Allows users to rent out their own designer clothing


  • Limited to designer and luxury clothing shopping.

  • May not have as wide a selection as traditional rental services like your ordinary clothing rental shop

Service Costs: Tulerie is a luxury clothing rental service that offers a curated selection of designer pieces for women. The service costs vary depending on the membership plan you choose, starting from a monthly fee of $149. Price also varies depending on how many items you rent.

Return Process and Restrictions: Tulerie offers a convenient return process with free return shipping and rental period extensions. However, rental item limits apply based on the membership plan and number of days, with costs varying between seven days and the entire month. Customers should also keep their return label.

Availability of Service: Tulerie’s availability is limited to the United States and Canada, with delivery times varying depending on your location. The service offers free shipping and returns within the contiguous US, and a flat fee for shipping to Canada.

Overall, Tulerie offers a high-end rental experience for women looking to refresh their wardrobe with designer pieces. Feel free to contact them in case you are shopping a trial month.

Best for Budget-Friendly Rentals: Nuuly

Screenshot snippet of the Nuuly website, showcasing their innovative clothing rental service, featuring a diverse selection of trendy and unique garments suitable for various styles and occasions.


Nuuly offers a monthly subscription service that allows customers to rent a curated selection of clothing items at a budget-friendly cost.

For those seeking to shop affordable fashion without sacrificing style, the company’s wide selection of clothing items is an ideal option.

Want to rent items from Anthropologie, Free People, and Urban Outfitters? Nuuly is the place to go.


  • Affordable options for refreshing your wardrobe for any special occasion

  • Wide range of clothing options available at great value

  • Guaranteed sustainable footprint


May not offer the same level of luxury as other clothing rental services

Service Costs: Nuuly offers a monthly subscription service with different pricing plans starting at $88 per month. Shipping is included in the subscription fee, but there may be additional fees for handling and cleaning or for a next shipment.

Return Process and Restrictions: Nuuly allows unlimited rental returns with a flexible policy.

Availability of Service: Nuuly operates in the US with no geographic restrictions and offers standard (2-4 business days) and express (1-2 business days) delivery options that vary by location and item availability.


Clothing rental services are a popular solution for those seeking to refresh their wardrobe without overspending.

Most providers offer up to three memberships to suit everyone’s needs, including personal styling and one-time clothing rentals only. With options like Rent the Runway for formal, these services provide a sustainable and cost-effective way to try new styles.

Whether you require plus-size or kids’ clothing or want to build an online wardrobe, clothing rental services offer an innovative solution for those looking to add variety without breaking the bank. Some even offer free shipping on certain occasions.


Is renting clothes a thing?

Yes, renting unique clothes and designer bags is a growing trend in the fashion industry. It allows individuals to wear high-end fashion items without the high cost of purchasing them outright.

What is the app where you rent clothes?

A popular app for renting stylish clothes is Rent the Runway.

How can I rent my clothes?

To rent out your clothes, you can use websites or apps that specialize in peer-to-peer clothes rental, such as Poshmark or ThreadUp.

Is Rent the Runway still in business?

Yes, Rent the Runway is still in business and has established itself as a leading provider of rental fashion services.

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